Tuesday, August 23

tackle it tuesday - the cabinet of doom

Meet my least favorite kitchen cabinet--- our base cabinet/pantry.

It's a perpetual disaster.  I know I've bought duplicates recently.  I finally tackled this over the weekend.
I pulled everything out, threw away or consolidated nearly empty boxes, and grouped everything in categories.  It was pretty simple and I didn't have as many duplicates as I thought (yay!)

Then, I just put everything back in the cabinet-- in a much more orderly fashion.
And, of course, because I'm lame.. I added a few tags.

Not that I needed them.  But it makes me happy.. and gives the Man something to mock me about.
(I'm not slightly OCD.. stop with your accusations.)


Rachel said...

i love that you label too, i was kinda teased at a dinner party i had last week. i label all my craft supplies, and i have a big fabric wall hanging organizer i made in the bathroom and that's all labeled too, haha! my friends do find it helpful when they stay over cause when they need an essential they don't have to ask. plus as much as i rearrange, jon now knows where things go and where he can find something...

Eva said...

I'm constantly being fussed at for "hiding" stuff throughout the house.. I can't help I'm a perpetual re-arranger! :)