Saturday, August 13

tomato tracking: what a crop!

This summer has been brutal! 
 Lots of HEAT, too much humidity, and too little rain, which is not good for growing (or much of anything, really.) I didn't expect much out of our little tomato garden, but the tender-loving-care and green thumb of the Man has proved me wrong! He's been on top of keeping our plants watered, fertilized, and happy.
 We've had an awesome crop of tomatoes, with plenty to share with friends and family.
We've also had some surprisingly large tomatoes-- mainly from our mis-labeled Roma vine.
I've never seen a roma tomato this big!  Thanks to the Man for modeling our monster roma.  This just seems like a huge tomato to me, I've seen insane sized tomatoes grown by the Dad and my Sweet Grandma, but I am still surprised that this madman came from our garden.
I couldn't wait to slice it up, add a little salt and pepper and dive in.

Nothing says Alabama Summer to me like crazy heavy humidity, blazing sun, and home-grown tomatoes.  My favorite being the tomatoes, of course!

How does your garden grow?  Any surprising crops?


Rachel said...

i just love fresh tomatoes, ahh, these are so red and beautiful! jealous! make a good side dish with olive old some basil and chicks of onion and fresh mozzarella cheese, its delic.

Eva said...

I've got some fresh mozzarella in the fridge.. might have to try that tonight (minus the onion, I'm a picky kid) :)

Mike DeVore said...

What a beautiful tomato. Wow

Eva said...

Thanks Michael! It was delicious! :)