Sunday, August 28

making our house happy: week four

This week adds two more tasks to the happy house challenge, but first-- my results:

Making the bed: 7/7
Empty the sink: 3/7
Sweep the kitchen floor: 2/7
Clear the clutter: 5/7
Sort the mail: 6/7
Spray the shower: 1/7

This week was a mixed bag.  Some tasks, I can clearly stay in the habit.. others, not so much.  I think the hardest nights are when both the Man and I have worked late, dinner needs to be made, and I just don't feel like running through the house doing chores..

Still, the goal is 7/7 for the next week.  It's already pretty booked, with lots of late nights-- which adds another level to the challenge for me.  Not to mention two more tasks added to the list:

Organize the outerwear -  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to address this one.
Write it down -  If you know me, you know I <3 a to-do list. 
This one should be easy (and help with my goal of 7/7 for this week.)

How are you keeping your house happy?  Check out how everyone else is doing over at MyHappyHouse.

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