Sunday, February 20

i heart..

I have a lot of blogs I love. Alot.  But, i am baker skyrocketed to the top of my "baking ideas" category as soon as I saw this

Rose Cake at i am baker

but it gets better, check out the inside!

vertical layers!!
This is a showstopper:
Ah-may-zing! Her rainbow cakes are gorgeous!
and then there were these:
I love the graphic designs on these Valentine's cookies!

Plus the fact that she just seems to be an all around awesome, approachable, and crazy talented baker.  She makes me want to bake cookies-- and I'm not normally a cookie-type of gal.  Her tutorials are very detailed.  A good tutorial, that takes everything step-by-step, makes me feel like I might be able to accomplish something stunning like her heart cake that has been featured ALL OVER blogland.

It was a messy process, and I have a few things I would change about my efforts.
  • make a double batch of batter -- I hardly had enough for 3 layers, and thicker layers work much better
  • have a few bleachable rags nearby, I went through about 3 or 4 bar mops just wiping up red velvet batter, that stuff stains and gets EVERYWHERE
  • freeze your cakes if possible, mine were refrigerated, but still very crumbly
  • carve carefully-- I was a bit too impatient and though I thought I was being careful, it seems like I was hacking away at the cake recklessly
  • remind yourself that usually the uglier the cake, the better it tastes
For the outside, I attempted to frost in roses like Amanda's Rose Cake.  I will surely be trying this again as it was so simple and gave a really cool effect.

And after doling out a few slices to willing family and friends, we see the somewhat Heart Cake.

I was fairly happy with my first attempt, and I will be trying both of these methods in the future.  The Man was happy and said "as long as it tastes good..." but we both thought the concept was pretty cool.  He even suggested a strawberry lemonade version, with strawberry cake for the inside and lemon cake for the layers. 

Maybe next time.  For now, I'll have a piece of cake and see what Amanda is working on next.

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