Sunday, May 1

a little love for the lawn

When we first bought our nest, the deal was made that the Man would handle all the lawn care.  I had no desire to even attempt cutting the grass on our beloved hill. 
To give you an idea of what we mean by "hill," here's a shot from the street:
Granted, it's no longer snowing
(though with the recent CRAZY weather in Alabama, I wouldn't be surprised)
but that shows you exactly how steep our little lawn is.

As things have started to green up it seems our lawn is missing a key component... grass.  We have lots of weeds (okay, lots and lots of weeds.. maybe even alot of weeds) and the anthills are starting to take over.

We decided to try a hearty dose of "weed & feed."  Since we don't really know what type of grass we have, if any -- it was recommended that we try Bonus S for southern lawns. I was excited to find the "Bonus" because it is supposed to help keep fire ants at bay.
We picked a big bag up at our local Lowe's.  It was about $35, but we got a rebate for $20 off some other fertilizer. 
Whoo hoo for deals!
After a little bit of time spent with our $5 yardsale-find of a spreader, and a lot of time with the watering hose (to prevent any damage to the grass that *may* exist) we're left to anxiously await the results..

For the other total "lawn care" newbies out there, any tips or tricks?

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