Thursday, April 29

life in plastic.. not so fantastic

Hello Barbie Girl... your world is not exactly what I had in mind. I mean, there is some level of appreciation of your Barbie Mansion, and who can deny the classic appeal of monograms, and you know I love dash of pink here and there... but seriously?I didn't think adding a few dropcloths would be so... plastic. I feel like we've moved from nerdy nesters to empty nesters with plastic covers over everything! Thankfully I've been lucky enough to not have grandparents who believed in plastic slipcovers.A quick recommendation-- if you're going to cover everything in plastic, prepare for super excited kittens to proceed to romp and rip and roar through the house in ecstatic bliss. Apparently plastic dropcloths have the same appeal as any expensive cat toy on the market. At first I didn't mind so much, but after being without a living room for 3 weeks I am getting a bit anxious to sit on the sofa and watch tv instead of piling up in the bedroom. It's a little awkward to host visitors "Pardon the plastic" "Never mind the drywall dust" "Come on back to the bedroom.. wait, that sounds bad..."

Oh well, at least it entertains the cats. That's what we're here for anyway, right?

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