Tuesday, April 27

half timing.. half luck

On my way into the office this morning-- sleepy eyed, somewhat grumpy, and running late on a grey Tuesday-- I decided to tune into a local radio station. Normally I listen to a station that plays mainly rock, but as I've noticed over the past few years I tend to develop a slight craving for pop once spring and summer comes around. I can't explain it. Maybe it makes me feel like I'm reliving my freewheeling days of high school: driving around in an '89 candy-apple-red Blazer with the windows down and music turned up.. or maybe I'm just looking for something lighter to match my aim for a breezy summer disposition.. who knows?

Recently I've been fairly unimpressed with the standard offerings of our local pop station. I'm not big into the synthesizing and auto tuning that's become popular for pop and hip hop artists today, nor do I really care about rims, bling, or types of liquor. I sound like a total stick in the mud and much older than my 25 years, but I just don't understand how some pop artists today have grown so popular.

For me, my summery pop usually fills in as a peppy bubbly backdrop of beats and notes and I really don't pay it much attention. However, today I heard this song and it stopped me in my metaphorical tracks.

Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet

It just made me feel like I had just seen a good romantic comedy: warm & fuzzy, hopeful about life, and reminded of the way love can make you feel. I forgot at that moment that my hair was wet and sweater was wrinkled on a grey and rainy Tuesday while running late to work. I forgot that I was up late re-writing half of a paper because I lost 6 pages due to computer craziness. I forgot my to-do list, my should-do list, and my why-haven't-I-done-this lists.

Instead, I thought about the good things: the Man suggesting a nice night out, refreshing drinks to soothe the stressed soul, tender steaks spiced just right, and cracking each other up when we should have been trying to sleep. I remembered the feeling that someone was out there, that hope I held onto through days of solitude, bad choices, and time wasted on poor relationships. Through it all, with hearty doses of romantic comedy induced "love is out there" moments; I knew that one day it all would click, and work, and suddenly make sense. And it did.
I know that love is not an end all be all, and for many you may think I'm a total sap (which I am) but for me, nothing makes a grey Tuesday brighter than a song of hope,a reminder of love, and turning the volume up just a little higher.


Dianne said...

I love your post today. The entire concept of "I just haven't met you yet" should be on a poster in my bedroom.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that reminder of love, i'm gonna leave work early and get home to my love of my life. glad to hear you're so happy!- rach