Sunday, May 2

shot heard round the neighborhood?

Dear Mother had surgery today. It was elective and she's in her hospital room and doing fine, so no worries there. However, Dear Mother doesn't do well with pain/discomfort/etc. With this in mind, she's regularly requested whatever pain medicine the doctors will give her. Currently she has an epidural, and has recently recieved morphine, toradol and a dose of benadryl.

She is out like a light-- except for the flickers of randomness that she'll interject into the clinical quiet of the room. I've spent the past hour logging some of my favorites and trying to stifle giggle after giggle..some of the best so far:

  • "Eva Elizabeth..lisbeth Lastname.. in my purse.. shot heard round the world, no, shot heard round the neighborhood! That's it!"

  • -reaching out and grasping at air- "This is the kind of tray someone had.. at the IT exhibit..where you do this -guesturing- and in 5 days, you have to wait 5 days"

  • "What's your name and initials? Initials.."

  • -fidgeting with hands- "Take this off, take it.. oh, you did it" -waking up, alarmed- "There's nothing there!"

  • "I'm trying to put the packet of gum in the basket... tisket tasket.. it's there"

  • "Prom, earrings.. you need to wear earrings to prom."

  • "a smaller inhibition means.. smaller inhibits.."

*EDIT: The latest and greatest so far-- after abruptly waking up and putting her hand out to me "Can you give me your F? Give me your F. So when you like to use that word, you can't spell it. You can only spell _UCK... That's not medicine, that's real intelligence."*

All of this makes me think of Sleep Talkin' Man, a hilarious blog that chronicles the nightly ramblings of a kind hearted sleeptalker with a bit of a potty mouth. It's totally worth adding to your reader/feed/blogroll; it will crack you up on a daily basis. I can't wait to share these with Dear Mother when she's coherent again.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and take advantage of my down time between being at Dear Mother's and Clella's (my fiesty grandma) beck and call over the next few days. I hope to update you on the changes in our nerdy nest, finish writing my final paper for the semester, and try to catch up on some of the things I haven't really had time for recently between work, school and the reno --like taking a closer look at our budget, organizing photos on my computer, uploading a few videos from my awesome iPod (an Easter gift from the Man, he even got it in pink-- he spoils me!), and generally being productive.

Who am I kidding? That should really read: "try to catch up on some of the things I haven't really had time for recently between work, school and the reno--" like a little nerdtastic online gaming, reading cheesy chick lit, and stalking my friends on facebook.

Don't lie, you facebook-stalk too.. you're probably doing it now and that's where you found the link to this post. I'm just sayin'.

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