Monday, April 26

Dear History Channel,

I'm a big fan. Really, I like you. However, I do have one question-- why, on the day of the week that I usually have the most things to do, do you insist on airing the most addictive shows on the planet? Sundays are laundry day, homework day, finish all the things I procrastinated and avoided on Saturday day..

and you air shows like this:

and this:

and I can't get a damn thing done!

It begins to suck me in from the moment the Man clicks through the channel and we see a glimpse of a pile of junk, glimmer off an ancient rifle, or the teaser of an unknown fortune. This time I blame a pirate peg-leg, a wooden Harley, a musician from Turkey with an Ottoman dagger, and an Austin Healey to name a few. (See, now you're intrigued.)

Please, History channel.. help me resist. I cannot lose another Sunday to Chumlee, Big Hoss, Rick and the Old Man. I didn't even tune in for Pickers. I knew if I had seen Mike and Frank pawing through some old lady's shanty barn, it would have been all over for us nerdy birds. So, thank you History channel for the awesome shows.. and thanks to the Man for helping me resist. Without your Manly strength and ferocious channel changing ways, I'd probably still be watching.

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