Sunday, April 4

happy easter, all!

What do you get when you mix this:

with this?

A family tradition that I'm lucky to be a part of. Although the Man doesn't care much for dying eggs, or really anything holiday themed; I really enjoyed spending this weekend with his family out cooking on the porch and dying eggs around the picnic table.

So far I've accomplished quite a bit on our hopping Easter weekend. I finished the family's Easter baskets early Friday before work.

Friday after work I checked out Goodwill. The store was really well structured and had a ton of clothes. It was pretty busy, but then it was also only the 2nd day since opening. One thing that was suprising to me were the amount of new items in the store. There were a lot of small appliances and furniture pieces that were still in the original packaging. I'm not sure if local big box stores donated for the opening, or if this will be a regular occurrence but it seemed like both Target and Wal-Mart had contributed.I made a small contribution to their opening weekend totals with my big spender purchase of $8.00. I found a duplicate of my all-time favorite shower curtain, a cute shirt from Old Navy (not pictured) and a silver-ish picture frame.

Of course, our little girl, Inari had to be the center of attention. Based on her response, it was time for me to quit taking pictures and start fixing dinner.

With that in mind, back to work on the kitchen demo!

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