Friday, October 28

spraypaint a thon

A few weeks back, I decided to have a little spray-paint party.  I had a collection of thrifted and yard sale frames and mirrors, as well as a lamp and light fixture that were all in need of a facelift.

After taping everything off with my favorite Frog tape,
I spread everything out on some cardboard in the garage.
And went to town with primer,white gloss, and brushed nickel paint.

One thing I need to remember, anytime you paint in a closed space-- even with ventilation-- overspray is always an issue.  Thankfully the Man was very forgiving when he saw the white "dust" all over everything in the garage.

very forgiving...

Next time, I'll spraypaint outside.  I promise.


Buffy said...

And now I see why you and I clicked instantly. Geeks will find one another. (:

Eva said...

Buffy! True story-- it was an instant geek connection, like fiberoptics .. faster than dial up internet! :D So good to hear from you!