Tuesday, October 25

brassy to classy

I'm not a big fan of brass.  Our bathroom light fixture was all brass. Granted the bones of it were pretty, and somewhat similar to the style I liked for our kitchen.  The Man knew as soon as I asked him to remove it, that I had plans for it.. although I reasurred him that we were saving money!
I taped off the fixtures with my favorite Frog Tape.
I used two coats of spray primer, followed by two coats of Rustoleum Universal Satin Nickel.
We replaced the globes with some rejects from our kitchen cieling fan, and the Man mounted the light upside down (by my request). It had previously been hung with the globes facing down, however that would make the mirror frame a bit tight-- and I wanted to emphasize what little height we have in the bathroom.

This picture is a little dark, but I had to turn the light out to get a somewhat decent picture. 
Not too shabby for a $7 fix.

Have you spraypainted a light fixture before? Any tips?

**Edit: The Man wanted me to remind everyone that spraypainting the "screw holes" could lead to extreme frustration to the installer, and to make sure and not mess up the threads.

Yes, sir.  I'll try to remember that next time.. :)  You'll be amazed what a silver sharpie can fix, just sayin'.**

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