Monday, October 17

another weekend gone..

This weekend flew by in a whirlwind, as weekends often do. Here's what I managed to cross off my weekend to do list:

+ get oil changed
+ take car to dealership to replace super special can't find anywhere else wiper blades
+ take books/cd's to Hastings to sell
+ try not to spend any money on books at Hastings  (FAIL! I did only spend part of the store credit I recieved from selling my used books.  I found two used books by one of my favorite authors Jen Lancaster. She's hilarious!)
+ run by the library and drop off magazines for the free bin (and maybe a quick visit with Dear Mother)
+ check out a few thrift stores for some CHEAP books (to prep for down time since I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week) I found some awesome chick lit books for about $.50-$.75 each, and three wedding planning books.  Yes, I'm that type of girl.  Guilty as charged.
+ go out to the Dad's place with the Man to help him clean out part of his shop
+ start attacking the PILES of laundry I finished 2 of the 5 loads Saturday night!
+ fix my Halloween wreath where the ribbon fell off, again I forgot to do this one.. and it was bugging me when I left for work this morning!
+ chill with the Man

+ finish the laundry I still have one more load to put away.
+ wash dishes
+ clean kitchen!
+ attack the rest of the house with a cleaning vengeance! Yeah.. apparently I wasn't feeling too vengeful Sunday...
+ attend a Willow House party hosted by one of my favorite B's
+ try not to spend too much $$ at said party Okay, so I bought something.. but it's versatile, and pretty.. and I'll use it all the time!!
+ meet up and tour potential wedding venue Done and LOVE!!
+ maybe figure out a meal plan for the week Close enough to a plan.. ish.
+ prep for the work week.. yay!

So I got a lot done, but I have so much more to do this week before I'm out of commission for a while.. yay wisdom teeth.. :-/

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