Monday, May 30

tomato tracking

We are clinging desperately to our hope for a green thumb at the nerdy nest this year.  The Man has recently lovingly referred to me as a "serial killer" of plants.  I deny the claim, though I may need to confess to being homicidally negligent when it comes to certain past forays into foliage.
Still, it's never to late to turn over a new leaf!
(Yes, it's lame.  Yes, I went there.  And yes, I'm proud of it!)
We planted tomatoes in our little retaining wall/garden bed in the back yard.  So far, they're off to a rocky start, but I'm hoping with a little miracle-gro they might actually survive.

For now, it's not much aesthetically-- but I'm hoping that eventually we'll have a lovely little garden and greener thumbs.
 We've planted roma, gladiator hybrid, juliet, and patio tomatoes. 
Hopefully we'll have plenty to share with family and friends. 

Did you plant a garden this year?  It seems to be a growing trend. 
(tee-hee.. growing.. garden..get it?)


Rachel said...

oh i'm so jealous, keep me posted on how it goes. i just killed another seems the only ones i can't kill ar all my ficcus. or however you spell it. that and the cats keep eating them.

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

I know what you mean about the cats-- I have 3 small herb pots planted in the kitchen, and it seems like every day there is a little kitten face imprint left behind.

I'll keep posting as our 'maters grow.. if they don't die in this HEAT!!!