Saturday, June 4

what a lovely crafternoon...

A while back, I had some of "the girls" from work over for a crafter-noon
(which later turned into a crafter-night.)

The goal was to make coffee filter wreaths, and I think we all were successful-- after many glue gun burns, curse words, tales of woe over low-carb diets, much comiserating, and a little help from a sugar rush.
It wouldn't be a soiree at the nerdy nest if sweets and copius amounts of snacks (and the occassional spirit) weren't involved.  Meet the cake for the occassion-- a neopolitan cake with buttercream frosting:

I tried another technique with the frosting.. there's something about messy repetitive patterns that just seem to work well in buttercream.
It was a potluck, but I couldn't resist making a few of these:

We also had chicken ranch dip, rotel, sausage cheese balls, mini-sausages, shrimp cocktail, and meatballs... needless to say, these crafty chicks know how to throw down.

Now to plan the next crafty adventure... I have a few ideas, but not enough time. 
 Have you been crafting lately?

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