Sunday, January 2

Hello there..

Do you ever go a few months between talking to a close friend?  Like both of you get busy with the hustle and bustle of life and then something prompts an out of the blue phone call, or facebook message, or even a visit?  I have a few of those friends.  What's so awesome about them is that when we do talk, or chat, or go to dinner-- it's as if no time has passed at all.  We are instantly back into our old rhythm of bad jokes, excited chatter, and laughing a little too loud.  It's fantastic and reminds me every time why we are still friends after all these years.

So, hello friend. It's been a while, and we have a LOT to catch up on!

In the meantime, cheers to a New Year! I'm excited for what 2011 has to bring for all of us.


Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Hi Eva,

I am so glad you'll be joining in our 111 Things in 1/11 Party! :-) Our first link up is this Friday the 7th, see you then!


Rachel said...

i miss you dearly, but so glad you have this blog it makes me feel like i'm right in your cozy home and having coffee with a dear friend. we need a phone date soon i promise. love you!

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

Rachel, I miss you too! Just give me a call-- most of our weekends are pretty free this month, for now! (oh, and my heart just swelled a little when I read your comment) :)