Monday, January 3

111 in 1/11

I love a clean house. I really do. However, I am a natural clutterbug. With a habit of thrifting, and an affinity for anything home decor related, I always end up with a home filled to the brim with STUFF.

But I feel better when our nest is organized, and I'm not perpetually having to fight all the things I've accumulated over the years to be able to enjoy our space. I preach this same theory of purging regularly to my parents (Dear Mother hears it most frequently) but I thought, what better way than to live by example.

I stumbled upon the 111 in 1/11 blog party when reading Emily's post. I love the concept, and though I may not hit 111 items purged in January-- I do feel like I could do that easily in 2011.

So with that, I issue a challenge to my family, friends, and fellow bloggers (and readers, if you're still with me after my suprise sabbatical). Let's try to purge 111 items this year-- this month if you are feeling ambitious. Don't get rid of something you love, or enjoy, or even like to have around. And if you aren't sure about something being removed from your home or your life, put it in a purge-atory.

I keep a box of items I've purged for a month or two before officially giving it away or donating it. That way, if I do change my mind-- I have a few months where I can still "save" whatever I may have doubts about.

Honestly, there have only been a few things over the course of my 10 years of active purging that I have regretted giving away. I attribute that to making rash decisions and not thinking about the potential significance or usefullness of whatever I purged.

So take your time, we have a year. I'm going to aim for 111 in January alone, as I have a few rooms that desperately need a little TLC and room to breathe.

Leave me a comment or send me pictures as you purge! I'm planning on posting my progress and I'd love to encourage you as we tackle the clutter together.

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