Sunday, October 17

boo take two

I had such a fun time making my Halloween wreath (below), which I wrote about here, that when the Man's Sister requested one I gladly jumped in to another project.
She wanted hers to be a little different from mine and I was curious and excited to see how her idea would look. Instead of using printed fabric, the Sister decided she wanted black and purple tulle.  We bought a few rolls of sparkly black and purple and supplemented it with black felt, and matching solid tulle.

A word to the wise, beware of the sparkly tulle in rolls at Hobby Lobby.  That glitter is serious business.  Both the Man and I have been sparkling for a few weeks now. It looks like we've been to one too many of the clubs over in Columbus (you locals know what I'm talking about.)
The process was pretty much the same-- wrap wreath in felt
 cut fabric into strips and tie onto wreath.
This one was much fuller than my last.  I can only imagine this in pink for a little ballerina or princess themed room, or even in white for a pretty "snowy" effect.
Apparently. I wasn't the only one who loved the fluffiness of it all:
The final step was adding in some fun orange sparkles the Sister found in the floral section at Hobby Lobby.  It really made the whole thing pop and I lurve the way it turned out!
I think the Sister was pretty happy too.. but because I like her, I won't post the picture I made her take with her wreath as she was leaving for class.  (Sister, you're welcome! Don't hate me!) On another note, I have a few more projects in the works-- Mother Dear and I are planning a Halloween craft day and I can't wait to try out some of our ideas we've found out in blogland. Hopefully they'll be spooktacular.

Yes, I know. It was terrible.  But you smiled.... right?  Riiiiight?

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Danielle and Clint said...

OOOHHH! Those are adorable!! Love the purple and black with the neon green. And my kitties do the same thing! Lay on everything I am working on.