Monday, July 26

summer lovin'

Dear Alabama Summer,
When we first met, things were nice. I enjoyed pool parties, and sprinklers, cold watermelons and homemade ice cream. I loved time off from school, free time with friends, and going to the beach. I even did my best to attempt your likeness in my kindergarten play and everyone sang a song welcoming you. I don't remember much of the lyrics, but I was very proud to wave and smile and I even wore a dress for you, Summer. I liked you that much.  A dress!  With flowers and lace and ribbons...and everything.

As I got older, I still relished in the carefree feeling that summer inspired. I spent many late breezy summer nights on the porch swing at college apartment number three, and I can't count the number of fruity fresh drinks imbibed in your name.

I mean, who doesn't love an icy margarita and a few lazy hours to kick back and relax?

Even still, at first I'm happy to see you with your birthdays (mine in July and the Man's in August) and your allure of fun and free time.

However, dear Alabama Summer..
I am officially over you.

One too many hundred degree days with high humidity do not a free-wheeling mellow summer make. Saturday equaled a four shower day for me.. four ice cold, holy-cow-i-can't-take-it-i'm-disgusting showers.

I can deal with brown grass, and baked cars, and even melted chocolate but this is just ridiculous. It was 95 degrees at ten o'clock last night!

We need to break up, we need some distance, we don't need to talk, we do not need to pass in the aisles of Target and politely wave hello, we need a complete and total break.

Please don't call me, text me, e-mail or facebook me until at least June of 2011. K?

Alright, I admit. That was a bit harsh. I blame heatstroke and a dash of dehydration. Sooo, let's maybe still be friends. A little.
Just because I know one day when I'm freezing cold in the middle of January and it's rainy and dreary outside I'm going to wish for a pretty, bright, sun filled day.

So here's a suggestion: Let's just try and cut back a little on the take your breath, melt your shoes, wilt your plants, sticky sweaty heat.. please, I'm begging you.

In conclusion: thank you, Summer, for the sunshine and the promises of everything's beautiful days, lounge on the porch afternoons, wash it all away thunderstorms, throw it on the grill dinners, and the occasional

perfect summer night.

Now that's settled, please excuse me while I go take another shower.


Rachel said...

hey i know that condo! haha!

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

We loved it there. Maybe one day we can go back.. it was such a great trip. The only thing that would have made it better would have been you two! Moving to NYC is no longer an excuse. :)