Friday, July 23

blinded by the light..

You can sing along with me if you want.. just click here for some theme music.

So we have two awesome windows in our kitchen, but one BIG problem has come to our attention.  Now that there is not a wall dividing the rooms, a glare has reared it's ugly head.

We have a lovely shiny glare across the television-- which will not fly for much longer with the Man. 

I've been hunting for something to replace the pitiful blinds we removed and I'm falling for bamboo shades.   In a few of my apartments during my college days, I used matchstick blinds and I really like the natural texture it can bring into a room.  So first off some inspiration:

Light and bright from the Youngsters:

Comfy and cozy from Sarah, the queen of thrifty and "cauuute"

And even more inspiration from one of my favorite local-ish bloggers, Layla:

Look familiar?
All these are beautiful to me and I think it would look so fresh to have the natural shades with the breezy white sheers I picked up last yardsale weekend.

However, I checked my usual haunts for some textured shades and none were to be found.  I had been fawning over some from Target, but apparently they only carry them online now. I was hoping for an affordable option so we could put them up ASAP. I guess I need to do some "window shopping" first.  
Haha.. window shopping, for blinds... that's almost as bad as my music intro.

 Oh well, since my usual spots didn't have it-- I guess this birdie will have to check out World Market and maybe a little Home Depot excursion is in order.

I know, poor pitiful me.. having to roam World Market all alone...

I think I'll survive.


Rachel said...

also don't forget marshals, khols, big lots, and ross....i have found some really random but great decor stuff there.

Danielle and Clint said...

I did find them at Home Depot at a very low price! I think they can even cut them for you there!

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

Rachel, I checked Big Lots-- it's been forever since I had been in there. I found everything but what I needed, but sometimes those are the best shopping trips. :)

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

Danielle, I looked online and I think the HD might have exactly what I need. Here's hoping they have the right sizes in stock-- I'm too impatient for shipping!