Saturday, July 10

belated but still busy Fourth

**Edit- I meant to post this back a few days ago, but apparently never clicked the handy-dandy *publish post* button.  Oh well! Better late than never!**

I feel like it say this all the time, but last weekend was a crazy one. I think everyone around us realized it was a holiday weekend and that meant it was the perfect time for last minute plans, surprises, and drama.

Friday, I met the Dad for a late lunch and did a bit of thrifting with my free time before the Man got off work. While out shopping, the Man called me to let me know that we were invited to an impromptu dinner with his parents. We went to one of my favorite places, Cracker Barrel.

I feel like such a little old lady, but I really do love it. There is just something so wonderful about biscuits and dumplings. We had a great dinner with the family followed by a Home Depot outing with Judy, Adam’s mom. The menfolk stayed back at the house playing video games and napping. I think we walked over the whole store. We had a blast, made some new friends with the salespeople, and Judy helped me decide on the final paint color for our cabinets. I was torn between Behr's Cracked Pepper or Black Suede.

Cracked Pepper
Black Suede
Although I loved the idea of a kitchen paint color called Cracked Pepper, I preferred the deep tone of Behr’s Black Suede.  But really, let’s all just pretend I went with Cracked Pepper. I’m going to call it that, anyway. :)

Last Saturday was the most eventful of days. I woke up early and jumped right in on sanding and getting the first coat of paint on the cabinets.

I am so grateful it was nice and cool, hanging around the mid-80's as compared to the brutal heat we've been feeling in good old Alabama this week.

 After getting the first coat finished and a quick shower, the Man and I were off to Publix to pick up a very special birthday cake for this lucky lady:
Grandmother at her Birthday last year

Meet Clella, my firecracker of a grandmother. She's a mess and is always getting into some kind of mischief. I love sharing stories about her and her antics with friends, coworkers, and just about anyone who will listen. 

You could say she has a bit of a following.

This past Saturday, July 3rd was her 79th birthday.
Although she wasn't up for a big party, we still had to celebrate in style.
I saw this cake on a recent visit to Publix and since she stole the flowers off my last birthday cake, I decided a cake full of flowers was the way to go. I thought it was lovely and it tasted marvelous!
After a brief visit with her and dear Mother, the Man and I relaxed for a while at home. The rest of the weekend seemed to fly by. Between surprise ER visits (no worries, everyone is fine), gobs of grilling thanks to the Man’s folks, a 2nd coat of paint, the beginning of a polyurethane debacle, and a late dinner with the Dad, our long weekend was gone like a puff of smoke.

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