Thursday, July 22

looking for a stud

This past weekend was a big one.  It was time to bring in the cabinets that I *finally* finished (except for the doors, drawer fronts, base boards, and trim).
Yes, there are dirty dishes in the sink.  Don't judge me.
 All was going well on the install, until we hit a little snag.  And by little snag, I mean a cabinet fell out of the wall and almost killed the Man's dad who was balanced precariously on a ladder.  Thankfully he had the reflexes of a cat and not only dodged the falling cabinet, but caught it before any more damage could be done.

Apparently things weren't lining up correctly.

Over the course of the weekend and after about 3+ hours of trial and error, a trip to Lowe's, three different types of screws, two stud-finders, and a good Googling; the Man and his pop were able to locate a stud, drill some holes, and get that cabinet to actually stay on the wall.
This isn't even showing the holes in the wall behind it.  Thank goodness for spackle.
 The Man's mom helped by playing referee between the boys, and retrieving whatever contraption was determined to "find it this time". While the menfolk were threatening to pull out their sledgehammers and attack the seemingly stud-less wall, I occupied myself with painting trim. I chose to go with Behr's high-gloss base white and I love it.
Things are slowly coming together. I am so thankful to the Man's folks for coming over and helping us with everything.  I think if it had been left up to these nerdy birds, I would have been called much worse than I normally am during our home improvement adventures.  We closed out the night with a trip to Red Lobster which was a treat for all of us.  Who can resist cheesy garlic biscuits?  I mean, really?

For now, I'm trying to wrap my mind around everything that is left to do.  It seems like we are getting so much closer to being done.. but I also know that there are cabinet doors to be painted, trim to be cut and painted and I'm planning on hopefully knocking out some of the 360+ coats that are needed this weekend.
I know they aren't perfect, and I could nitpick them all day-- but the Man is really happy with the way everything is looking and I am too. 

And we are both completely and totally thrilled to have our kitchen sink back.
Hopefully I will never again have to wash dishes in a bathtub. 

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