Wednesday, May 5

catching up: cabinet collection

You may be wondering where we put all those cabinets we tore out, or where this nerdy nester plans to prepare meals while our kitchen is in pieces. Well, our cabinets intially found a temporary home in the corner of our kitchen opposing their initial wall:We stacked them up and called it a day. It seemed pretty daunting at the time to have this wall of cabinetry (and stove) right where my kitchen table used to be. "Oh, but Eva-- if the cabinets are where the table used to be, wherever did the table go?"

Well, dear friend/follower/fellowblogger/random person from google, the kitchen table is now home to our temporary kitchen of chaos in the corner of our living room.I had hoped to be an inventive chick and create some marvelous meals in this chaotic nook but life, dust, and general laziness got in the way. Instead this table has become the catchall for mail, motorcycle gear, reciepts, paint samples, and the occassional location of reheating leftovers and preparing gourmet bowls of cereal (Fruity Pebbles and Smores with organic milk to be exact.)

And yes, those are two identical baskets in the picture above. I heart them. They are a great size, pretty color and can hold just about anything and make it look pulled together-- even leftover Valentine's candy. They also make perfect Easter baskets (the one on the table is part of my Easter goodies from the Man's folks.)

And just like pulling a rabbit from a hat, we have one wall of cabinets out and are ready for Uncle Contractor and his buddies to work their magic.

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