Saturday, May 29

get color, give color giveaway- free paint samples!

So with all that talk of inspiration and things we're awesome at, I thought I might share something that I found on one of my favorite blogs, Southern Hospitality.
southern hospitality
Recently painting has been the name of the game here and choosing a paint color was an experience in itself.  I relied heavily on the mini paint samples from our local Home Depot and Lowe's (remember my lucky 13?)

We ended up choosing a Glidden color (Antique Silver) from a tester I picked up on a whim one afternoon. I can't wait to see it on the walls.  One of the things that drew me to Glidden were their cute all-in-one samples: a little jar of paint in your favorite color with a brush built in. You don't even have to wait for the paint counter-person to mix it.  Just pick it up and go! How perfect is this?  It's great for testing a wall color, but also seems awesome for a mini project.

Rhoda posted this amazing deal from an e-mail she received from Glidden and I had to follow suit: 
"With a brush attached to the lid and enough paint to cover 3 square feet, Glidden ready-to-go paint testers make it easy to get going on your next paint project. And we’re now giving you the chance to paint it forward with our Get Color Give Color giveaway. Starting June 1, log on to for your chance to get 2 free testers for yourself and give 2 free testers to a friend. June 1 – 7 while supplies last"
So log on and get some free paint! While you're at it, click around their site.  I found it really helpful when I was trying to compare greys and they even have an online paint-visualization tool which you know this nerdy bird loves. 

I mean, what could be better than free stuff and paint?  Okay.. so free stuff, paint and cupcakes...  that could be better..

(As a quick note: I was not compensated for this post, nor do I believe that Glidden is the only option for paint out there... however, they are giving away free samples and I wanted to share the love.  Besides, if Mr. Corporate from Glidden decided he wanted to thank me for a little free-paint shout out, I'd love some cash..or more free paint.... or even cupcakes. That would be cool Mr. Corporate, I'm just sayin')

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