Tuesday, May 18

no more mess for mom

After about three days of work, we finally got things put back together around Dear Mother's nest. Granted, we didn't finish organizing the whole house but we did make some vast improvements.
Remember this:

Meet her new dining room:

As for the wall of bins:

It's now bin-free and much better:

Overall, her home feels much tidier and cozy with the things she loves and uses within reach.

That's what I love about an organized home... fewer frantic moments spent searching for that one thing in a pile of many.

Now I just need to get back to work reigning in the chaos that is festering in our nerdy nest. It's gotten a little out of control.

Anyone feel up for a workday?



Just me?

Oh well, you can't say I didn't try.


Rachel said...

you need to come to my house man i need some nerdy nest time!!

Eva said...

All I need is a plane ticket, a few days off work, and some extra moolah and I'm there! :)