Monday, March 29

What the hail?!

I know, I know, I couldn't resist the pun.

It hailed last night, as in little balls of ice falling from the sky. What is it about late weekends in March in Alabama that prompt crazy weather? Last year we had a terrible thunderstom, disasterous tornado, followed by 2 inches of fluffy snow. In March. In Alabama.

We had an eventful evening in the nerdy nest. I was late leaving to buy groceries, and the Man had been busy working outside all day. After a 3 hour adventure to Freds, Target and Kroger I arrived home to a devasted gamer.
The Man loves video games. Loves them. He loves me too, but that's beside the point. Last night, his favorite console died. It just showed a flash of yellow blinky light and died. As soon as I saw him hunched over it, with cables strewn about-- I knew there was no holding out for frugality in this nerdy nest. I knew what must be done.

As he phoned his friends to share his shocking news, I put away groceries and prepared for battle. Although the Man loves his games, he is also a grown-up, hardworking guy who does everything he can to provide for me and our little family. He knows that the money for a new gaming system was not in the bank. He knows that we've been working to pay off our credit cards. He knows that I am not an impulsive girl, and would probably encourage him to wait until bills were paid.

What he didn't know was that I was going to insist we order another one immediately. No, we don't have the money. And yes, it will have to be on credit for a while. But this is something that we both enjoy, and what is a nerdy nest without an awesome gaming system?

I prepped dinner while he called around to the local game stores - out of stock. Wal-Mart, KMart, Target, Best Buy.. all out of stock. It seemed to be without hope until a friendly smiling logo appeared on the computer screen.
Amazon- we had it ordered and done in less time than we were on hold at GameStop. My nerdy Man will have to do without for a few days, but I'm hoping Amazon will have it shipped and in its rightful home by the weekend. (I heart Amazon.)

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