Friday, March 26

one of the best things..

One of the best things about Fridays is my weekly yard sale list. I love preparing for the weekend with a nice clean legal pad, my favorite pen of the moment, and the online classifieds.

My addiction to yard sales started about two years ago when I moved from my mother's home into an apartment. Hello sweet freedom, how I missed you!

Let me explain a little here: I went to college about three hours away from my hometown. I lived in a total of three apartments in the four years of school, all within a one block radius of each other. After graduating school and facing a big question mark about my post-college life, I caved and moved back home.
(Later on, I would meet the reason why)

Living with my mother was a change of pace after having my own 2-bedroom home. I sold most of my belongings in a yard sale with some friends, gave away most of my furniture to the girl who took over my lease, and packed up what was left. Following the move, living in a 10x12 room taught me wonderful lessons on paring down and organizing my chaos.

After a year and a half of cohabitation with Dear Mother, it was time. Time to find my own place. I considered home-ownership then, but I wasn't positive I would be staying in the Auburn/Opelika area. I really wasn't sure of much more than my desire to have my own space again.

I moved into a great apartment complex that wasn't overrun by students. I began the hunt for cheap furniture and all the wonderful things that take a space from Renter's beige to cozy home. I learned that my Saturdays were best spent hopping from one yard sale to another, then grabbing a late breakfast, and hitting up the thrift stores on the way home.

Now, as a new homeowner the thrill of the hunt is back on. Besides, it quenches my desire to shop at a much lower price point than any other stores I've found. I guess I was just meant to be a yard sale/thrifty chick.

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