Sunday, March 28

Free cookies?

This Saturday morning was a little chilly, but still sunny and great for yard sales. However, I don't think everyone got the memo. I had scouted about 3 different sales, one of which had promised home-made cookies while you shop. Another claimed to be a "HUGE moving SALE!!" Apparently they had already moved as when I arrived there were no tables, signs or even cars around. Even the cookie sale was a bust-- the girls were sweet, their prices.. not so much.

Luckily, a chat about yard sale-ing over dinner for Girl's Night Out led me to the best sale of all. One of the girls from the office mentioned seeing a few signs off a main road here in Opelika.

There weren't many signs to help me find my way, and after looping through a cul-de-sac or three I found the sale. She had a few tables set up and I lucked out. Not only did I pick up a few shirts for less than $1.00 total; I also found some great things for our nest.

A cute lined basket to corrall lotions and hairbrushes in the master bath ($2-- and the tag said Pier One!)

A giant clock that might find a home over the mantle, or with a coat of paint it could end up in the kitchen. To give you an idea of the size, next to it is one of my favorite felt tip pens. There is just something about a felt tip pen that will make your handwriting cute no matter how messy it is.

It was completely worth the $3 based on size alone. Plus it balanced the traditional and modern tones that we're looking for in our living room.

My final purchase to share with you is this rug, bought at the same sale as the clock. I just loved the loopy texture and couldn't resist it at $1.00. I knew it would look brand new after being washed with a bit of bleach. (May I just say how much I love all things white and fabric now that I've discovered the wonders of a cap or two of bleach in the wash?)
Oh, and the paw you see modeling the luxurious texture of our rug is our youngest furbaby. She saw me with the camera and could not get enough attention. Either that or she was enamored with the camera strap.

Yard sale total - around $10 including gas, breakfast and everything I picked up. Not too shabby for a morning's worth of entertainment for this nerdy girl.

Along with yard sale-ing, I spent some time with my folks over lunch and then went to Lowe's. Lowe's is crack for new homeowners. Hell, Lowe's is crack for anyone who has a house, wants to have a house, or wants to do anything remotely dealing with a house, really. It's addictive and I need more. Simple as that.

Seriously though, I think I'm hooked. I was tempted to go by there today when I was out buying groceries. I just felt compelled to visit.

Sorry Lowe's. Maybe next weekend..

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