Wednesday, August 19

rock solid...

The next few weeks at the house should be busy ones.  We're scheduled to close at the end of the month, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen yet or not.  For now, we are seeing lots of progress and getting closer every day to the finish line.

On August 15th, they started working on the stone for the exterior.
Our lawn was also graded to get ready for sod.   I'm ready for more stone though!

August 17th, right after a monsoon, I drove by the house and saw green!
Looking down from the back porch, almost like Christmas with the green sod and red clay peeking through.

They also started the hardwood which I think looks just lovely with the cabinets and trim.  I am a bit partial though.
By Tuesday, August 18th -  the exterior stone was almost finished.

Still missing some stone around the door, steps, and column.. but I love the way it looks with the paint and trim colors.  I am so thrilled it worked out and looks as good as it does!  I was seriously nervous about how it was going to turn out.

Sneaking inside, our hardwood floors are finished as well.  We're still waiting on trim, carpet, and touch ups.. but the floors are almost complete!

Hardwood floors, sod, and stone - days 210 - 213 of our build

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