Tuesday, August 11

lights, tiling... cabinets!

Technically, August kicked off the last month of our build.  Needless to say, we are VERY excited to see how things progress over the next few weeks. We'll see if we can make it to closing on time and in once piece.

For now, it's August 5th, and  the house was hopping with electricians and the tiling crew.

We didn't select anything too fancy in regards to lighting and went with the builders standard -  which thankfully his wife chose, and she has pretty good taste.  We can always swap out down the line if we find something we love.  For now, it's pretty and lights up the space. 

We did add on a ceiling fan to both the back and front porches.  I think it's a requirement for Alabama summers on the porch to have a little bit of a breeze going.

I was torn on the tile in the laundry room.  I originally wanted something "different" but decided it wasn't worth the extra cost for such a utilitarian space.  I do love that I went with a different tile from the other tiled spaces and selected one with more variation in color to help cover potential messes in the future.

August 7th, a Friday, was an exciting day at the house.  First of all, they FINALLY removed the warped piece of hardi-siding from the back porch.
Granted, they didn't get too far on the replacement of it.  Note the removed board casually tossed on the porch floor.

But more importantly, that Friday, actually ahead of schedule... cabinets were delivered!!
I can finally start to visualize my kitchen!

We're still waiting on under cabinet lighting, and I'm not sure what the crown molding will look like, or how they'll fix that.

But oh! Aren't they lovely!!  It's hard to capture the richness of the stain, but I love the design.  I cannot wait to see my island with the granite on top!! 

The kitchen was a definite splurge zone for me.  We made a lot of changes to the plan and added in upgrades that I thought would make the space more functional and feel more luscious.  Not that garbage cans are luscious.. 

But extra deep drawers under the cooktop surely are!  Love it!
Cabinets were installed in the bathrooms as well.  Here is our small bath off the entryway.

The Jack and Jill bath by the guest room.

Our laundry room.. just waiting on a washer and dryer.

As some parts of the house look almost complete... others are a complete disaster.
Our bedroom is currently home to the tiling crews wet saw,  buckets, and general disorder.

Not quite the peaceful escape I imagined..

At least they thought ahead and brought their own A/C... we cracked up over their mini window unit.  It helps out though!  The past few weeks have been HOT!

It's great progress but we're still pretty far from move-in ready. 

Lights, tile, and cabinets -  days 200-202 of our build

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