Tuesday, August 4

a tale of two grays...

Over the course of the last week, the painters had been working at the house.  We were anxiously awaiting when they would be packing up and moving on the next house on their list.  Each step in the process recently has seemed to drag on, but our painters were working quickly even though it ended up taking all week for them to finish up.

Still, on Thursday July, 30th -  we could tell they were packing up!

I think they did a pretty good job.  I just love our two shades of gray (Online and Software - perfect for the nerdiest of nests).
The darkest of the two grays is the main color in the basement.  I am still so enamored with our stairs and the baseboard detail.

The other half of the basement, not too dark with all the natural light coming in.

Looking from the living room into the kitchen - the lighter gray makes the space a little brighter and feel even more open.

Our double doors into the master bathroom just seem to pop off the dark toned walls.  I love how rich the oil-rubbed bronze hinges look against the sleek white trim paint and doors.

More of the darker gray in the master bedroom with a bright white ceiling.
 We did carry the darker gray into the dining room as well.  I love how the darker tone highlights the tray ceiling.  Although the color is fairly dark, I think the contrast of the light trim and ceiling and the natural light keeps things from getting too dreary.
 A picture looking from the breakfast nook across the kitchen and into the dining room and entryway.  I just love, love, love the way the judge's paneling turned out.
One more picture of my soon-to-be kitchen island and the adjoining breakfast nook and living room.

Other than a few touch-ups, the interior paint is finished.  With less than a month from our "scheduled" closing date -  I hope they can pick up the pace!

Painting the interior -  days 191 - 195 of our build.

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