Wednesday, August 5

making the cement connection...

On Thursday, July 30th -  our front yard was a disaster, but there was progress!  They started framing for the driveway, walkway, and porch.
It gets worse before it gets better.  Mud, concrete bits, and gravel everywhere.

 They have it all staked out and ready to pour.

On Friday, July 31st -  we had concrete!
We have the cutest little spot for landscaping out front between our front porch and walkway.

As usual for August in Alabama, we had a late afternoon monsoon.  Thankfully the concrete guys covered some areas of the drive and walk with plastic sheeting to prevent the rain runoff from ruining their hard work.

We also added a small concrete pad to the right of the house for the garbage can to live.  I think we'll plan on planting some shrubs or building a screen to shield the can from the view from the street.

 Our sidewalk is no longer busted and our driveway looks so smooth.  Soon we might not have to park on the street every time we visit.
We are so excited to have this completed!  Now onto some additional grading, irrigation, landscaping, stone and some garage doors.  

Prepping and pouring the driveway -  days 195 and 196 of our build.

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