Friday, January 15

feeling festive.. part2D2

As any good nerd knows, the latest installment in the Star Wars septology(?) is finally in theaters.  We made specific plans to see it on Wednesday, December 23rd, a date selected carefully in hopes to avoid the crowds of opening weekend and the inevitable spoilers that would start to emerge.

Before we made it to the theater for our late matinee (and stale nachos and overly buttered popcorn) I had some baking to do:
I love my kitchen island.  Chocolate dipped marshmallows, white trash, and popcorn crunch, and there's still room!
Popcorn crunch is a new favorite.. just take popcorn, pretzels, and vanilla almond bark -  toss in some M&M's.. delicious!

Everything getting pretty-fied

A few chocolate dipped rice krispy treats, some pretzels, and lots of popcorn crunch!

We can't forget the fudge and divinity.  I just adored those little polka-dot bags!

My first attempt at using a chocolate mold for making cute pretzels.  In my opinion, it was way too time consuming and messed up the chocolate/pretzel ratio.  I'll stick to just dipping and sprinkles, thanks!

With our gifts all assembled, off to the movies we went!

Ya'll... it was soo good!  I was not a fan of the JarJar versions, but this one.. I can totally get behind.
I'll hop on the bandwagon.. I'm a Star Wars nerd.
or Merry Christmas from these nerdy nesters!

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