Saturday, January 9

deck the halls.. in hyperdrive

 Sometimes, in my excitement.. I don't think things through.

For example, the time I decided to host a Holiday dinner for my team (18 people) the first Thursday in December.

A week after Thanksgiving.

I was so excited about being able to cook dinner for my team that works so hard.. and to have the house all festive and Christmas-y.  I didn't think about the fact that I had only left myself a weekend to get the whole house flipped from Fall to Festive.. and get all the dishes washed, cook a huge meal (again), and in the meantime host our first house guest, AND it's the Iron Bowl.


Next time, I'll try to keep that in mind. Still -  I think everyone had a lovely time, and it made me get the house decorated in super speed..which means more time to enjoy it.  Right?

We actually rested and digested (and did some online shopping) on Black Friday.  But bright and early Saturday morning.. it was time to decorate!

Twas a month before Christmas and strewn all over the house..
This was only three bins of decorations, and it covered the whole dining room table..

It only took about 7 hours.. I had to find my groove.. but the first tree is finished!
This is a 7.5 foot tree, but for my short-self, a stepladder was still involved.  We placed it in the foyer and I love that it's the first thing people see when they come into the house.
For our main tree, I kept it classic with our sentimental ornaments, and lots of red, green, silver, and gold. I just love how the lights glow and everything twinkles!
The next day, Sunday, I tackled trees number two and three:

Our second tree is in the bedroom, and I love all the sparkly ornaments.  I used ornaments in blue, white, gold, silver, and clear.. with lots of glitter to catch the light.
It's hard to get the lighting right, but a fuzzy sequined tree skirt and white velvet ribbon made it feel a little more glam.  This is where our breakable ornaments go -  since the kitties aren't allowed in this room.
This one has some serious twinkle-power at night.. I couldn't resist and left it on a few nights when I went to bed.  It's just so pretty!!

One of our favorite Mickey ornaments tucked in the branches..
In the center, a blown glass ornament we picked up from the Germany pavilion in Epcot on our last WDW trip.

 And our last tree, little number three in the kitchen:
This tree has all my Hallmark baking and cupcake ornaments that my MIL gets for me every year.  It's just a small tabletop tree for now, but I've got my eyes on a bigger one for the future.
Add one big red bow and some garland to the mailbox, and we were set!
As for the team dinner, I think everyone enjoyed themselves.. I forgot to take pictures until after the fact, but this was the aftermath:

Lots of dishes, but worth every wash... and what a way to kick off the Christmas Season!

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