Wednesday, January 7

why we decided to sell our house..

This is one of the first questions we've been asked.  Why?  I thought you loved that house!

Yes.  We do love our house.  I have many funny and favorite memories that were made here.  The process of making our house into our home has taught me a lot about my tastes, my patience, myself and our relationship.  For example, if you marry a man who hates home improvement -  think turn-key for your next place.

Also, now that we're married -  no more threats of divorce when working on the kitchen light fixture.  It's not funny anymore. Cussing and storming around though is fine.. that damn track light in the kitchen is a B.  Never again.

So.. for people wanting to know why we want to sell, a short list. (You know I love a list.)

1. If we make any more improvements -  we'll price out of the neighborhood. (which means no granite counters, no re-doing the bathrooms, etc.)
2. We don't have much more room on our lot if we wanted to add on.
3. Stupid hill.  Stupid, stupid hill.
4. We'd like more room.
5. No -  we don't need more room because I'm pregnant.  I'm not.  And I think a baby would take up less room than reason #7.
6. No. I'm not pregnant.  No babies. Calm down.
7. We inherited a TON of tools from Daddy.  We need room for a mechanic's life's worth of tools. Because that stuff isn't going anywhere but with us.
8. I would love a laundry room.. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly been smacked by the garage entry door while loading/unloading the dryer.
9. We're hosting next year's Thanksgiving.  I would like a dining room for occasions like that, or you know, just for kicks.
10. The market is rebounding, prices are going up as the real estate in our area is being revitalized, and now is the time to buy before we can't afford the houses we like again.  We want to buy/build while the market is still in our favor.

 Our house has a lot of things we love and we'll miss.  That's what makes this whole process bittersweet. Some reasons I don't want to sell:

1. It's our first home.
2. In front of our front door is where the Man proposed.
3. We have custom tile and arches made by Uncle Contractor.  Including a hidden mosaic that I adore.
4. Some of our best and worst moments have happened in this house.. I'll miss that, for sure.
5. We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making this house a home.  And lots of curse words.

So, that's some of our thought process. We love our home, but it's a first home for a reason. I just hope someone else will fall in love with it like we did...

and buy it..

..soon. :)

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