Wednesday, January 7

everyone likes a comeback..

Hello dear readers!
My last post, I was leaving the nest to plan a wedding. Well, a little over a year of nerdy nuptial bliss two promotions (one for me, one for the Man), a life changing event (no, not babies), and LOTS of thinking/daydreaming/holycowarewereallygonnadothis-ing - we have decided to sell our first home.
The original nerdy nest is going on the market!

I thought I'd try to document our journey through the selling and building or buying process.. if for nothing else than to serve as a reminder to myself to NEVER do this again.

At least... not for a loooong while.

So, here's where we're at now, newly listed with the sign that still freaks us out in the yard, feeling anxious, giddy, and excited for whatever is next for us and our nerdy nest.

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