Wednesday, January 7

choosing our realtor..

When we finally got serious about selling the house, I decided we needed to call the realtor who walked us through the home buying process.  Thankfully, he's our neighbor -  so it wasn't that hard to track him down.

Sadly, he's focused more on his other business right now... and not in the selling/buying houses business.  So off we went to the internet to find someone to sell our house.

It was a pretty easy decision since I've been stalking online MLS (Master Listing Service) and realty sites for almost a year during my home-buying daydreams.  One listing agent kept impressing me.. all her listings had tons of pictures, most had videos posted on Youtube, and they made even the most depressing row house look like a charming mill cottage.  I was sold.

We gave her a call, and she called back quickly.  I sent her a random email with tons of questions -  and I had a reply by the end of the day.  We met with her and she came prepared with a marketing proposal (with color pictures and spiral bound). She seemed organized, polished, and all about the business. Even still, she has answered my emails late into the evening and I love how tech savvy her team is.

Speaking of, she has a team.  When it came to photography day -  it was like the Realty SWAT surrounded our house.  More on that later..

Now, our house hasn't sold yet -  so the final word on our realtor isn't in.  But I am excited to see just how quickly she can get us ready to move out and our little nest in the hands of new owners.

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