Tuesday, June 7

glorious glossies

One of my favorite indulgences is magazines.  I was given a few subscriptions this past Christmas, earned one using kitty litter points (yes, kitty litter points) and Dear Mother is kind enough to scavenge the free bin at the local library and bring me the promising ones on occasion. 

I used to keep a basket full (me, a basket? no..) of unread issues in my office, however over the course of the past few months I finally went through them pulling out ideas, recipes, and articles I wanted to keep.  I finally made it through my backlog this weekend and thought it might be fun to share how I organize all those torn-out pages. 

This system works for me because it's pretty simple and low maintenance. After I read a magazine, the pages I want to keep just get tossed in this little guy in my craft room/office closet:
He holds my magazine pages in the top drawer, printer paper in the second, and large scrapbooking papers in the third.  I think I've had this container for about 8 years now.. I can't seem to ever part with it.

The pages aren't in any order, yet.  Sorting through them and trimming the rough edges is saved for one of the Man's game nights.  He plays video games, and I watch something cheesy on the laptop while I scatter little slivers of paper all over the carpet after trimming the brimming bin of pages.

Once I've trimmed the pages, and somewhat sorted them into the loose categories of "to eat", "to decorate", "to think about," and "tips to remember" I slip each pairing of pages into clear page covers.
A while back, I just grabbed a simple white binder and used some pretty leftover papers to decorate the cover. I keep the binder right next to my inspiration bin and craft supplies--
 in easy reach, but still out of the way.
Hopefully soon, I'll have time to tackle some of the awesome ideas that live in that three-ring binder.

How do you keep track of things that inspire you?

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