Monday, September 13

fabric, sparkles, and an early boo

I was clicking around through a few different blogs last week (hurrah for days off work!) and ran across an idea that I couldn't pass up.  Linda over at Burlap&Blue had created a pretty beachy chic wreath out of linen and drop cloth scraps. 
I had been trying to dream up a cute Halloween wreath that would show up against our already dark door without being too cutesy and this seemed like the perfect fit.  A quick trip to the Dollar Tree landed me a wreath base and sparkly "Trick or Treat" which inspired a lot of the color choices for my fabrics. The only supplies I needed were the wreath, my "Trick or Treat" sparkle, a pair of scissors and fabric.

I felt bad for anyone behind me at the Hobby Lobby fabric table as I gathered the remnants I could find and had a ton of .25 yards cut.  I was lucky enough to find a remnant of black felt for $2 and clearance metallic tulle for $2 a yard.   Overall my Hobby Lobby trip was around twenty bucks but I picked up some scrapbooking supplies as well.  Back to the project at hand... my fabric:

I picked out a few fun patterns that were bold and a little cheeky, plus the black sparkly tulle and 2 yards of purple tulle (which is a little difficult to see but was only about $2 a yard.)

I started by wrapping the wreath in felt by cutting long strips and weaving it between the grapevines.  I used smaller strips of felt to help secure it around the wreath without having to use hot glue or any other adhesives.
I used the leftover black felt to set starting points for my other scraps. Cut everything into one inch strips and started tying.  It might have been cuter with pinking shears but mine have been MIA for years, so straight-ish cuts would do since I wanted it to look kind of haphazard and messy anyway.
I watched cheesy television (on a well-needed day off work and while waiting for paint to dry- literally) while I tied all the scraps on the wreath, filling bare spots and fluffing as I went.  Overall, I would estimate about 2-3 hours of trash television with lots of interruptions to get to this point:
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and I'm excited to try a few more variations on it eventually.  I'm going to make a point to keep my eyes on the scrap/ remnant bins for future projects.
I think it's boo-tiful!

I couldn't resist. :)

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