Friday, September 3

crayfish cupcakes?

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Man's birthday wish list was pretty simple: crayfish & red velvet.  An odd pairing, sure.  But he loves it.  So, it has become a recent tradition to celebrate his day with some of his favorite dishes: a Cajun crayfish boil and red velvet cake.

Now, I'm no fan of crustaceans-- so I typically feast on the amazing seasoned potatoes, corn and whatever chicken concoction we bring for the picky eaters.  However, from what I can gather, the Man's family knows how to throw down when it comes to Cajun style cooking.  This year, they went no holds barred with 20 pounds of Louisiana crayfish and 10 pounds of shrimp that was shipped in a cooler from the great Cajun state. According to the Man, it was amaaazing.

The Man made quick work of his share, and we couldn't resist a birthday picture. 
It cracked us up at the time and I still giggle when I think of the care that was taken to properly place those three birthday candles and capture the moment before it all toppled into a flaming stinky mess.

When it came to the actual cake, I baked a batch of red velvet cupcakes and tried my hand at a little icing art, hence the title of this post.
As an aside, I tried out a new jumbo icing tip for the background frosting and love love love it!

Last year, I attempted to sculpt a crayfish out of fondant for his layer cake, and failed miserably.  This year, I stuck to piping, sugar pearls and sheer luck.
They didn't turn out perfectly but the idea is there.  If nothing else, it amused the Man when he realized he was getting crayfish cupcakes too!

We had a great time and I'm glad the Man had a good birthday.  Now if only I knew what to do with the other 10 pounds of crayfish in my freezer...


Rachel said...

that is just the sweetest thing, no pun intended!

Jenny Kersting said...

These were exactly what I was looking for my daughters first birthday. We call her our little crawfish. I copied them and linked back to you on my blog. Thanks so much for the idea.