Friday, September 24

crowning glory, or royal pain?

We are nearing the tail end of our kitchen project-- we still have quite a few more things to do, but we're a little closer than we were when this picture was taken back in March/April of this year.

I've been trying to eliminate a few unecessary mini-projects from our kitchen to do list if we are to have any hope of a put together house by the Holidays.  I'm getting better about letting some of the details go, but this project I just couldn't shake. 

I wanted our cabinets to have crown moulding.  I just knew that crown moulding would distract from any painting snafus, cheesy countertops, or uneven walls.  It was such a huge part of my inspiration for this project and would make all the it had to be done.

Oh if only I knew... maybe we were making this harder than it had to be, but keep in mind that the Man and I are completely green when it comes to home improvement projects or building anything from scratch really...

My first thought was that we would just use liquid nails to attach a piece of regular crown trim and be done with it, but after a few consultations with the Dad-- it was clear that our plan just wouldn't do.  So what did we end up with?

Well, after two crazy long brainstorming sessions in Lowe's and Home Depot, the Dad and I had thought we had our plans figured out.  Let me warn you, the Dad and I are known a little for our "great ideas" and sometimes for thinking up projects that are neverending.  The Man will testify to that.

 Mix our little habit of "great ideas" in with a little extra dash of Type A and you have our trim.
We  built the trim from a 1x2, 1x4, crown, bed, and screen door moulding (not shown here). 
Lots of nail-gunning, liquid nailing, and hole-filling ensued.
Followed by 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of Black Suede and 2 coats of Polycrilic and you see our current product:
It still needs to be mounted, have holes filled again, and painted again.

I am learning so much from this.   So Very Much.

But it is going to look awesome
.... eventually
After I paint and patch for the umpteenth time...
 (if you were looking for the royal pain part of the title, whoomp there it is.)

Whatever, I love it and it WILL be awesome.  It looks awesome in our garage right now.  If nothing else, I can now say I know the joys of a pneumatic nail gun.  Oh, the joy!

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Rachel said...

can't wait till this whole project is done and i get to see pictures!