Sunday, August 8

flour & sugar-- found!

In my last post I was talking about pantry envy. Since we clearly don’t have a pantry, and are now down about 8 feet (or two massive upper cabinets) of storage, I’ve been trying to put my pantry envy to good use—organization inspiration!

Are you ready for chaos? I am so embarrased by this... but I figured through sharing it will motivate me to get a good "After" picture to prove my tidy gene still exists.

Try not to judge me-- the before:

Right now everything that once was in our kitchen is scattered all over the house.
Microwave, Tupperware, and spices (along with the kitchen table) in the living room
Assorted foods, pots, and pans also living in the corner of our living room
Moving over to our third bedroom you find baking supplies and glassware
And also in the 3rd bedroom closet—my long lost flour and sugar
Hmm..maybe some organization is in order. I’m trying to figure out the best way to divvy all this up among our 7 usable cabinets (along with any other inventive storage solutions I can think of for all the things that don’t fit in my little cabs).

One way to help with organization is little kitchen bins and baskets like this:

They are pretty inexpensive compared to some storage solutions.. but we're on a tight budget. 
I've seen these before at yardsales and when out thrifting.  I usually pick them up when I see them and over time I've amassed a bit of a collection.  I wanted a few specifics (like a spice rack) so I stopped by a few of my favorite thrifting spots.  I found some great pieces and all for around $1 each. 
Here what we have to work with so far:

I still haven't raided all my closets for baskets, and I'm hoping to find a few cute pieces to mix in for fun. 

Now back to priming trim, painting the rest of the cabinet doors, and the rest of my Sunday chores.  Hopefully before too long we'll have clean, organized cabinets --
and no more random food stuffs in the living room!

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