Sunday, August 29

cabinets: organized!

After a slight delay (something to do with the Man, the lawnmower, and our severe lack of cable connection)
here is where we stand with our kitchen cabinets:
No, I don't have doors.  But I do have a home for most of our kitchen stuff.

We were able to seriously conserve space thanks to some thrift store/yard sale finds.. and LOTS of purging!

Meet our pantry.  It can't compare to some spaces, but it has Milano cookies so I can't complain.
Also note nosey kitten #1 on the far left of the shot.

Not to be outshone, it's hard to miss nosey kitten #2. Loki couldn't let Inari steal the spotlight again. 
This was right before he attempted to squeeze in between the packed shelves.

I still have to find homes throughout the house for all my baking accouterments, cake plates, and serving dishes.  I'd also like to establish a place for stock up foods.. but all will come in time.  I should probably focus on getting those blasted doors finished first.

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