Friday, November 11


One of the biggest challenges I run into, due to my sentimentality, is finding a way to fit a few family heirlooms into our mish-mosh style at the nest.  I would say our style is pretty casual, contemporary with a heavy dose of traditional.  This sounds ideal for incorporating ikea pieces with a few carefully chosen antiques.. but some family heirlooms I've recieved are a bit more on the quirky or dated side.

A recent acquisition is a lamp which has been in limbo for a few years.  My Sweet Grandma had the matching set in her "formal" living room.  Mother Dear made them for her during a ceramics phase.  When they were initially offered to me, I was hesitant. This lamp is a beast.  It's a huge piece, and we don't have the space.  Plus, burnt orange, avacado green, brown and gold don't exactly "go" with what I had at my (then) apartment.. so I declined.  The Dad took them, and recently offered them to me again. 

Although I was torn, I put them both for sale at my yard sale a few months back.  One found a new home, the other ended up in my "project pile."  I finally realized that I couldn't bear to get rid of it.  There was something about it I liked....
..but that color scheme had to go.
So I did what every newbie to DIY would do.  I spraypainted it white.
Gloss white to be exact.  And I love it.  It's modern, but reminds me of Sweet Grandma at the same time.

Now to find a shade that'll fit (the lamp, our decor, and my tight budget)...

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