Sunday, June 20

cheap thrills

I don't know many twenty-somethings who start their weekends off at 5:00am.  For me, it was a little earlier than I originally planned but I'm glad I didn't sleep in this Saturday.  There was a ton on my to-do list, but a few cheap thrills were on deck first.

I've mentioned before my love of thrifting and yard sailing.  With our budget getting tighter as our kitchen reno seems to cost more and more my "fun money" is dwindling faster than ever.  We both try to reserve a little fun money out of each paycheck for a few indulgences-- for the Man, it's the latest and greatest video game or a new blu-ray.  For me, it's usually spent on a new book, handful of magazines, something off the clearance rack at Old Navy, at the thrift store or my favorite this time of year: a yard sale!

Thanks to my friend Kate for giving me the heads up about the community wide sale at Camden Ridge this Saturday.

I made a beeline for the neighborhood and picked up a few good deals.  There was a total of 26 houses having sales.  

I think I maybe only stopped by about half. It was so sweltering out (ugh to humid Alabama summers...) and it wasn't even past 7am.  I also detoured by another sale or two on my way back to the house.  I couldn't resist. 

On to the goodies:

I fell in love with this white shabby metal door pocket.  I paid $2 for it and even though I couldn't get it to fit perfectly for our front door just yet I've already put the silk tulips to good use.
I picked up two European shams in a soft white with scalloped edges and another fun white rug for our guest bathroom for $2.  After these two stops, I was beginning to think my yard sale theme for the day was
"buy anything white for $2" day!
The shams are great because they are just feminine enough without being too "girly" and the rug is already a favorite of Inari's (our little grey kitten).
Besides, who doesn't love white linens-- all it takes is a little bleach and you are so fresh and so clean!

This next find took a little convincing.  I'm still not sure what to do with it, but for $3, I figured I would think of something eventually.  I just liked the shape and size of this little glass house-- perfect at about 5" wide and
7" tall.  Perfect for what though?
I also picked up this footed bowl for $3.  I loved the cut glass and it's pretty heavy.  It matches a pitcher and vase I have inherited from Dear Mother.  I'm just glad to add to the set.

In the background of the main picture (and the far right of this one) you can see my final find. It was also about $2 and it's a good size black framed mirror.  I can't resist a mirror in good condition.  I also picked up a handful of white pull-bows which are great for last-minute gift wrapping for a whopping 50 cents.

Overall, I spent about $15 (counting the ice-cold Coke I picked up on the way) and shopped for a good three hours.  I love yard sale Saturdays!

I'm linking to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party over at
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Come join the fun and check out everyone else's finds!


Van said...

Put a tiny potted succulent in the glass house, or any plant of your choice. They would love it and it looks gorgeous! Cute finds all around!

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

What a great idea! I love succulents and the glass would protect it from my nosey cats who love to chew on anything leafy and green. Thanks for reading! :)

Audra said...

Great finds! I love it when a theme presents itself when yard saling. Isn't it funny when it happens and you look back on it? Those shams are gorgeous!

I hear you about the heat. I had to quit early as the temp was nearly 100 in AZ by 9:00 am!

Anonymous said...

I also found a glass house, originally designed as a candle holder. Who knows what it will be used as, but I could not resist.
Never believe the price tags. Always ask if they would consider doing better. It is not being rude.
And $15 for entertainment? Not bad, and you get to bring things home.

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

I'm always amused by thematic coincidences. My favorites are those that I realize when in the midst of it. For example. I bought the shams and rug and thought "What? Is this a white sale?" Then when I found the door pocket - I was so amused I had to explain why to the sweet woman I bought it from. She probably thought I was a crazy woman! Try to stay cool.. Thank goodness for central A/C!

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

I love bargaining. It's one of my favorite things about yardsaleing. And I'm curious to see what you do with your glass house.. I've been getting so many great ideas but it's on the back burner for now until we can finish our big projects. Still, I had to get it. Like you, I couldn't resist!

Wendy said...

You found some good stuff. I like the glass thing!